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Comparative research on leukemia and related diseases:
An introduction to a scientific approach

Rüdiger Hehlmann* and Max Essex
*Secretary General of the IACRLRD

Publication in this journal of the abstracts ofthe Nineteenth Symposium of the International Association for Comparative Research on Leukemia and RelatedDiseases in Mannheim/Heidelberg led editor and publisher to suggest an article introducing comparative research in leukemia and related diseases. Our surveybriefly summarizes the history of this symposium, as itevolved from a meeting on animal leukemia virus intoone dealing with viral and genetic aspects of human andanimal leukemia and related diseases. The scientific evolution of the Abelson murine leukemia virus with its abloncogene in the 1970s to what currently appears as themost reliable marker for human chronic myeloid leukemia is merely one example.

Key words
Comparative research · Leukemia · Retroviruses
Related diseases · Genome research

HTLVHuman T-cell leukemia virus · HIVHuman immunodeficiency virus
SCID · Severecombined immunodeficiency.

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